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Anybody foolish enough to accept these two choices doesn’t deserve to have a job or to live. 

The only work/life balance that makes any sense is to make as much money as possible with as little effort as possible. I respect welfare recipients more than I do the middle class. The middle class run around like fools pretending they have the world figured out. But all I ever hear from them is complaints about work, family, and money. If being middle class is the “American Dream”, then what all of the complaining for?

The truth is that being middle class is for losers. The middle class loses because they have all of the responsibility but no authority. They work hard to keep the country going but do not have any power over how their money gets spent. The middle class works harder and harder, but receives less and less protection and benefits. 

This is why the rich and poor can continuously get by in life with little repercussions. They are not busy trying to improve the system. The rich and poor are only interested in getting all of they can out of the system. Being poor is no picnic, but I hear much less complaining from poor people than I do middle class people.